I am not a hunter but I can say that I have taken down a deer. While many of you choose to use rifles, crossbows, archery equipment and other things to bring down your deer, my weapon of choice was quite a bit different. I brought down my trophy with a Toyota Camry.

If you've ever had the misfortune of hitting a deer with a vehicle you know it is not pleasant. First there is the question of are you and your passengers alright . Then comes the question of is the car alright. Then comes the question of how am I going to get Bambi's head out of my engine block.

According to State Farm spokesperson Roszell Gadson Louisiana ranks lower on the list for deer collisions than I thought we would rank.

We did find that Louisiana is one of the least likely states for deer collisions with the chances for a driver hitting a deer at one out 335.

Gadson's comments to the Louisiana Radio Network indicated that Louisiana actually ranks 44th on the list of states where you're most likely to smack a deer with your car. What's funny is neighboring Mississippi actually ranks 8th on the list. Mississippi is where I air bagged my deer.

By the way the average repair cost for a deer to car interdiction is about four thousand dollars in repairs. So pay attention to the road especially in the early morning hours and at dusk. That is when deer seem to like to tempt fate the most.

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