Michael Davis and his disabled veteran brother were at a car wash in Shreveport when out of nowhere, two men appeared. One of the men pointed a gun at Davis demanding his money and his car. All Davis had to defend himself was the pressure washer currently in his hands, and the entire incident was captured on Davis' dash cam.

As you see in the video, Davis takes the pressure washer and shoots water straight in the face of the armed carjacker. The second thief then approaches Davis from behind, and he turns and gives him a high speed stream of water to the face, as well as whacking him a few times with the washer gun.

From KSLA -

He said 'give me your keys and your money,' and I said 'what'd you say?' and I took the sprayer and just sprayed it right in his face. If they would've taken my keys and my money, they probably would have shot me anyway, plus I had my disabled veteran brother in the car, they could've done something to him as well.


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