Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and co. drug his girlfriend so that they can play with her vintage toy collection? Well, this has happened in real life… but with meth… and a Grandma in Arnaudville.

35-year-old, model grandson Todd Richard would stop by to see his 78-year-old Grandma, drug her till she passed out, then he and his friends would cook and smoke crystal meth in her attic. Yes, his name is Todd, like Todd from Breaking Bad.

Granny didn’t find out until the water department came out to disconnect service to her home. You see, she was giving her money to Todd to pay her bills. Todd wasn’t… he was using the money to make meth and get high with his junkie buddies.

Richard was charged with cruelty to the infirm, exploitation of the infirm and several counts of distribution of Schedule II narcotics.