A Louisiana man is facing multiple charges after allegedly pouring acid and Clorox bleach on a woman's face, and authorities are asking the public's help finding him.

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Photo courtesy of Crime Stoppers of Vermilion

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Searching For James Ballard

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public's help finding 35-year-old James Ballard of Roseland, La.

Ballard is facing a slew of serious charges, 13 to be exact.

From TSPO via WJTV.com -

"On June 22, 2022, deputies responded to a residence in Roseland where it was reported that Ballard had poured acid and Clorox toilet bleach on the victim's face causing chemical burns.

The victim also had major bruising to her body which also included a punctured lung and busted eardrum."

According to WJTV.com James Ballard, Jr.'s charges include one count of Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery, one count of Domestic abuse battery & child endangerment, one count of Protective order violation, one count of false imprisonment, and nine counts of failure to appear.

James Ballard, Jr
Facebook Via tpsosheriff

If you have any information on the location of James Ballard, Jr., you're being asked to contact Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa via their anonymous tip line at 1-800-554-5245 or contact them online at tangicrimestoppers.com.

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