What a hero.

Louisiana State Police responded to a single-vehicle crash on LA Highway 182 near LA Highway 662 in Assumption Parish Wednesday and they found a small vehicle submerged in the water.

What they did not know upon arrival is that a family of four, two who are small children, were rescued from the vehicle by a man who witness the crash.

State Police say in their social media post:

"Jeff Lapeyrouse of Bourg witnessed the crash, quickly pulled over, and rushed to help. Mr. Lapeyrouse entered the water, was able to successfully open one of the Toyota’s doors, and removed all four occupants to safety. Only minor injuries were reported in the crash."

The conditions in the canal where the vehicle came to rest did not allow the occupants in the vehicle to open the doors from the inside, but Lapyroouse was able to open one door from the outside of the car.

There's no doubt that this man's quick actions saved the lives of those in this car on this day.

As for the occupants in this crash, they reportedly only sustained minor injuries.



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