A lot of sports fans in Louisiana who like to put their money where their mouths are have been anxiously awaiting Louisiana's next step into the world of sports wagering. Voters in most of Louisiana's parishes approved sports wagering a year or so ago and now we are just waiting on the state to get its act together so we can all go drop a dollar or two on our favorite teams.

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Well despite the anxious attitude of Louisiana gamblers the legislature and Louisiana State Police have been moving very slowly and deliberately in the opening of sports wagering in the state. There's a lot of paperwork involved. Plus, since legal sports wagering is a new thing in Louisiana there were a lot of little things that had to be discussed, approved, and finalized before the state could take its first bet.

Just to be clear, all the red tape and government logistics were expected. In fact, the state has not been the reason for the delay in bringing sports wagering to the state's bettors. It's Mother Nature's fault that you can't plunk down $20 bucks on the LSU/Auburn game (legally) this weekend.

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Pretty sure you're wondering how in the heck does Mother Nature figure into sports wagering in Louisiana? Well, it's more like Hurricane Ida than just "Mother Nature". Troopers assigned to the State Police Gaming Division were called off of that detail because of more pressing needs with hurricane rescue and recovery efforts.

Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns told the Louisiana Radio Network that because of Hurricane Ida the application and licensing process for sports wagering in Louisiana was delayed by about two weeks. But things are now once again moving forward.

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Johns, in the LRN piece, mentioned that the first batch of licenses will likely be issued for the state's 15 riverboat casinos as well as Harrah's land-based casino in New Orleans. Johns also alluded to the fact that the state's horse racing tracks would likely be included in the first round of application approvals.

Still, Ronnie Johns stopped short of saying exactly when sports wagering would become available in the state. He did suggest that efforts were moving as quickly as possible and final approval of those applications and licenses should be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

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