The State Department of Education has calculated the results and the final grades are in for Louisiana's Public Schools. State Superintendent of Education John White made the announcement and declared that public schools in the state have earned an overall grade of "B".

In speaking to the Louisiana Radio Network White said the grading was based on a variety of factors. Among those factors were test and graduation data from the previous year.

Our ACT scores , our graduation rates, our reading scores, our advanced placement scores and the number of kids going to college are all increasing.

If you want to hear the bad news first, two school districts received a failing grade. There were nine school districts that earned a "D".  The good news was that ten school districts earned an "A" on their report card while 30 others were given a "B".

White says while it's good to have so many A's and B's this year, it won't be as easy to earn those marks the next time this report is issued.

The real challenge will be when we start mathematically raising the bar so that schools are given more credit for kids getting a real college ready score and not as much credit for just a basic education.

If you're interested in how your child's school district graded out you can follow this link to Louisiana Believes. You can also see the entire breakdown of school districts across the state.


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