Louisiana's Lieutenant Governor, Billy Nungesser, is already working a plan that would see the reopening of the state's restaurants sometime in May. Nungesser stated that the plan, when and if approved, would only go into effect if the Stay-at-Home order has been lifted and if restaurants and affected businesses follow very strict guidelines.

I would imagine that included in those guidelines will be information on how to properly disinfect and sanitize food preparation areas and food service areas. I know for me to go back to eating out cleanliness will be considered almost as highly as food quality and service.

Tim Metcalf, who most of us know through Deano's PIzza, he's the owner and president is working with other businesses in Acadiana to bring in virus killing experts to teach business owners the proper way to wipe things down and ensure they are sanitized.

The alliance is currently holding workshops at Sibley's Construction where they have set up a mock kitchen. In that setting, workers would be trained in the proper sanitization techniques for a wide variety of businesses.

According to a report on the KLFY website authored by Mariah Hester, the alliance is working to build a database where local business owners can access important information about COVID-19 and the disinfection processes needed to remove the virus.


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