This is the time of year when every penny counts. Fortunately for those of us who like to eat the average cost of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be a little less for Louisiana residents. Less when compared to the national average that is.

The American Farm Bureau Federation does this survey every year and this year they have found the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and sides for ten will cost you $47.54. The national average for that same meal is about .14 cents higher so if you were looking for something to say Grace over then maybe you could use that if you run out of ideas.

One of the reasons for the reduction in price has to do with the amount of money you'll need to spend to bring the star of the show, the turkey, to the table. A 16-pound turkey is about $2.00 less this year when compared to last year. That's why we're able to report at least a few cents in savings.

Oh, and while you're giving thanks please offer a mention of gratitude in the direction of Louisiana and America's farm families. The hard work that those men and women have put into producing that meal you'll stuff your face with is certainly worth recognizing. Especially when you consider that that entire meal for ten the average return to farm families will only be $3.80.  Yeah, American farmers will make about .08 cents on the dollar for every dollar spent this Thanksgiving.

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