When it comes to food, it's no secret Louisiana has some of the best restaurants anywhere in the country. Sure, we love the food here, and so do folks from around the globe. Apparently, one Louisiana restaurant has been voted "The Best Restaurant In The World". Actually, two Louisiana restaurants showed up on the list, but this one took the number 1 spot.

Conde Nast has compiled a list of over 200 of the best restaurants from around the world. The restaurant that tops their list? None other than Brennan’s in New Orleans.

Brennan's opened in 1946 in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and has become an icon of Louisiana cuisine.

When you step into Brennan's, not only are you going to enjoy some of the best food on Earth, but you're going eat it in one of the most beautiful restaurants on Earth.


You truly get the best of everything when you dine at Brennan's, including service.

cntraveler.com has this to say about Brennan's -

The restaurant has been firmly entrenched in the French Quarter since 1942, a maze of opulent dining rooms surrounding a sun-drenched courtyard famous for an adorable family of turtles that can often be found dozing on the fountain rocks. A recent renovation has updated the decor, and Slade Rushing, their award-winning new chef, has gently reimagined the timeless menu, keeping its Creole soul firmly intact.” Gail Simmons, author, special projects director for Food & Wine, and judge on Bravo’s Top Chef

Whether you're having a Mr. Funk or a Rooster Royale drink in the Roost Bar, enjoying BBQ Lobster or Banana's Foster, you're having the best food this world has to offer. How amazing is that?

Congratulations also goes out to the other Louisiana restaurant that made the list, Shaya located on Magazine St. in New Orleans!

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