A Louisiana Senate committee has canned sales of raw milk in the state. Citing health concerns the Senate committee voted 5-3 against the legislation proposed by Ville Platte Senator Eric LaFleur. This no vote essentially kills the bill for this session of the legislation.

For Senator LaFleur raw milk is more than a subject of a Louisiana law, he believes it's a parental right. In speaking to the Louisiana Radio Network Senator LaFleur expressed his position this way.

"I'm just saying that a parent should be able to make that choice. It should be the individual choice of a parent to decide whether they want their kid to have the advantages of raw milk."

LaFleur and many others believe the nutritional advantages of raw milk far outweigh any other health concerns that opponents brought to light. Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. These procedures are used in the dairy industry to make milk products safer for human consumption.  The processes remove harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that are found in milk.

State Health Officer Jimmy Guidry can understand the passion for raw milk. As a youngster he grew up drinking raw milk but as a health care professional he can't recommend the practice for today's Louisiana citizen. He says the benefits of processed dairy products far outweigh the risks.

"Keep in mind that if you drink raw milk, because of the organisms in there, there is 150 times more risk than if it were pasteurized."

The failure of this bill only prevents the sale of raw milk in the state. Those who choose to drink raw milk may certainly do so but they  may not offer the product for sale on the open market.