I do believe that just about everybody in South Louisiana is back in school. I hope it will be an amazing school year. You bet, there are going to be some challenges. The current COVID-19 situation has many parents and students concerned, as it should. But this is not about what happens at school in between the bells. This is about the most wonderful time of the school day, well at least for me it was, after school snack time.

I think after-school snack time maybe even more important today than it was back in the days of old when I was in school. You see back then school started at eight in the morning and we were usually home by 3:15. Today's students might be in their first class at seven am, have lunch at 10:30, and depending on their after-school transportation might not make it home until after four in the afternoon.

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That makes for a long day and a lot of hungry kids who need something to eat before they dive into homework. But, that something can't be so big that it affects supper which for many families will come around 6 pm.

That's what spurred our conversation about after-school snacking and what the very best of those snacks, at least in your opinion happened to be. Our query garnered over 100 different comments on our social media sites. We've taken the best, or at least the most unique, and chronicled them for you.

Annie Spratt via Unsplash.com
Annie Spratt via Unsplash.com

The snacks range from very easy to prepare to almost a gourmet meal. I know for me, my snacks were always based on one key factor, what did we have in the house, and was it okay if I ate it. I do think the advent of the microwave has changed after-school snacking.

So here they are in no particular order, South Louisiana's choice for snacking after-school.

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