You would think we would be used to driving in severe conditions. But in the last couple of days (and months) Louisiana citizens have really had a difficult time adjusting to driving in unexpected severe weather conditions. Just the fact that officials have had over 300 rescue calls for motorists who were stranded in high water this week says volumes.

Our wonderful Louisiana State Police has issued some driving tips for motorists who need to drive in severe weather conditions. I mean, in the last year we have had hurricanes, a very unusual ice storm, and now, rains that have caused flooding across the state. It's time for a refresher, even for the most seasoned of drivers. The State Police tips and guidelines are below, via our friends at WGNO. And remember, if you want to report a roadway emergency, dial *577. And y'all be careful out there.

  • Don't drive after sunset if severe weather conditions are present, and definitely not in areas where you can't see the roads because of standing water.
  • Don't venture out if you don't have to. Unless it's absolutely necessary, don't get out in a storm, and don't go sightseeing after it's over. You could be impeding emergency vehicles trying to rescue other motorists
  • Slow down. This is so important. Not only could your car hydroplane in standing water, but you could cause waves of water to go into homes and businesses when you're driving.
  • Be mindful of high winds. Busses, trucks, and motorcycles are all adversely affected by windy conditions, as well as smaller vehicles. You never know where gusty winds are coming from, or how long they will last. Very dangerous.
  • Don't go around barricades. This should be a no-brainer, but somehow people still try to do it every year. Even if road conditions look safe, there is still a REASON why those barricades are preventing travel.


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