We have all done it. I would like to think for most of us it's been an accidental lapse in judgment and not a malicious maneuver. I am speaking of cutting off another driver in traffic. It usually leads to a honk of a horn or maybe a wave of the middle finger at the next available opportunity.

Kayla Goodman may or may not be a good driver. We know she isn't a very bright one. Kayla was driving her SUV in Slidell yesterday when she made a sudden lane change in front of a motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle had to slam on his breaks to avoid a crash and a potential injury. The driver of that motorcycle also happened to be a Slidell Police Officer. Yes, it was his police unit that he was riding at the time.

So, you're probably thinking it couldn't get worse for Kayla could it? She just cut off a cop and almost caused an injury accident. You'd be wrong. It did get worse. When the motorcycle officer pulled Kayla over for the not-so-smart traffic maneuver. He ran her plates and her license.

As they say in the NFL, upon further review, it appears that Kayla was driving a vehicle that didn't belong to her. It was stolen. She allegedly told the officer that "someone let her borrow it". No, the officer didn't buy that alibi.

So, the moral of our story? Don't cut people off in traffic. Especially don't cut police officers off in traffic. Don't "borrow" other people's cars. Don't be as stupid as Kayla. I think we've learned something here, haven't we?

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