When people think of Louisiana, they think of New Orleans first. If they're looking for Cajun food and culture, they come on down to Acadiana. But, is there a city most people overlook? According to thrillist.com there sure is, and they say this is the "Most Underrated City In Louisiana".

Is it Shreveport? Nope. New Iberia? Nope. Then it has to be Scott right? Wrong again. Baton Rouge is their pick for the most underrated city in Louisiana.

When almost anyone thinks of Baton Rouge, they think of LSU. LSU provides one of the great College football experiences in the country. But according to the folks at thrillist.com, Baton Rouge has much more to offer.

"Baton Rouge a city steeped in music history and home to one of the oldest blues festivals in the country. If you’re not there for the festival, head to Teddy’s Juke Joint, a hot, remote blues bar that’s as much a cultural experience as it is entertainment. 

You’ll also find Southern barbecue as good as anywhere outside Texas at Smokin’ Aces, and fresh gulf seafood at Tony’s Seafood Market."

What do you think? Is Baton Rouge really Louisiana's most underrated city?

Thrillist.com also listed what they think are the most underrated cities across America which you can check out HERE.



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