The best thing about sports is that we all get to be right. We all know more than the coach. We all saw the play better than the referee on the field. As fans, we pay our money, we buy the jerseys, we tailgate before the game, it's our right to be right.

As fans, we pay our money, we buy the jerseys, we tailgate before the game, it's our right to be right.

Because we each consider ourselves to be the sole investor in a team then we deserve to know what the hired hands are doing on our behalf. So, LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva has sent a letter to fans of the Tigers telling them exactly what he is looking for in LSU's next head football coach.

Dear Tiger Fans,

With just two games left in the regular season, I wanted to give Tiger fans an update on the hiring of our new head football coach.  I take this responsibility very seriously and know the most important job I currently face is hiring the right head coach, leader and role model for the young athletes who choose to study and play for LSU.

I’ve identified a very specific set of guidelines in selecting our head coach. His first directive from me will be to create a culture of excellence and character in every facet of our football program in order to compete at a championship level every year.

He must have the highest standards of integrity and work ethic LSU fans have come to expect.

He must be a skilled and relentless recruiter, attracting the most gifted student-athletes to our university while instilling pride and confidence in parents who entrust their children to our program.

He must be able to motivate our players to perform at the highest level, and to hold them accountable to certain standards of behavior both on and off the field. He must be committed to continuing a tradition defined by character and integrity.

He must have the instinct to adapt to changes in the game of college football, allowing LSU to compete for championships every year.

Finally, he must be an accomplished leader of the young men who will rely on him for strength and guidance and from whom they will learn valuable lessons that will have a lasting impact on their lives.

I’m very confident we will hire a man possessing all of these traits to be the head coach of our beloved Fighting Tigers.

We are excited about Saturday’s game against Florida and hope to see you all there.

As always, we welcome your comments at Unfortunately, we cannot answer every e-mail we receive, but please be assured they are all read.

Happy Thanksgiving and Geaux Tigers

The context of this letter was taken from The letter was published before the Tiger's contest with Florida. It was a game the Florida won by a score of 16-10

This letter comes as the Tigers are set to close out their regular season this Friday against Texas A&M. Most pundits speculate the Tigers will receive a bowl invitation. Of the bowls in question the Taxslayer Bowl in Jacksonville, the Belk Bowl in Charlotte or the Liberty Bowl in Memphis appear to be the front-runners to extend an invitation to LSU.

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