This is really what big time college athletic programs should be doing. They should be supporting the academic institution whose banner they play under. The LSU Athletic program has stepped up a notch higher in my opinion. I've always held the Tiger sports teams in high regard, but now with a transfer of $10 million to the university's main campus I am even prouder of LSU.

I know academics don't make universal headlines the way athletics do. That's a shame. But when athletics returns money to the student population that should be a much bigger story. Granted, this is not the first time that the LSU Athletic program has added money to the main campus.

The athletic department at LSU had pledged to return $7.2 million annually. This year the Tigers added a three million dollar surplus. In this day and age of higher education cuts, that three million will mean even more.

Eddie Nunez is LSU Senior Associate Athletics Director, he told the Louisiana Radio Network,

Because of our fans, because of the commitment that they have for LSU and LSU Athletics, it puts us in a rare position but one that we're fortunate enough to give back to the campus.

That is very exciting news for Tiger fans and for LSU students.  As someone who often chides big time athletic programs for forgetting the student in student athlete this gives me a great reason to keep my mouth shut on that issue and be proud of our state's largest university.