The LSU Tigers need help at quarterback. While they have some pretty good athletes in that position it's obvious that Coach Ed Orgeron believes those athletes could be better in the position with a little extra coaching and analysis. That's why Orgeron sought help from former NFL quarterback and broadcaster Sean Salisbury.

The NCAA said NO!

Well the NCAA rules said no. While it might seem like a good idea to hire someone with knowledge of the position such as Salisbury the fact that Salisbury runs a quarterback academy in Houston is the sticking point.

NCAA rules prohibit programs from hiring high school coaches and other individuals associated with a recruit for a 2-year period before and after said recruit's enrollment. That way a university can't hire a blue-chip athlete's high school coach to be on staff in hopes of luring the athlete to the program.

Because Salisbury's Let It Rip QB Academy works with so many high school players having him as a mentor in a private camp and him having a connection to a particular university would be a violation of the spirit of the rule.

We all know how the NCAA loves the "spirit of the rules". Just let some Power 5 school mess up and you can bet the NCAA will make sure a mid-major university loses scholarships or forfeits games. That's how the NCAA works, they know what side of the bread the butter is on. Hence, my feelings about hypocrisy.


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