The LSU Fighting Tigers were in Death Valley Saturday night as they faced the Arkansas Razorbacks. In a very sloppy and boring game, Arkansas beat the Tigers 16-13. This was the first time the Razorbacks had won in Death Valley since 2015. This also is the first time that LSU has lost 6 games since 1999, and they are one loss away from a losing season.

This game had drama surrounding it before the players even took the field. The reason for that is because freshman quarterback Garrett Nussmeier's father called offensive coordinator Jake Peetz and requested for him to play his son. Well, Max Johnson did start the game at quarterback; however, after two brutal possessions, he was benched in favor of Garret Nussmeier. Nussmeier completed 18 of his 31 passing attempts while throwing a touchdown; however, he did throw 2 interceptions. One of those interceptions sealed LSU's fate with the loss as this throw was thrown during overtime. And right after the turnover by Nussmeier Arkansas went down the field, kicked a field goal, and won the game. I will say that Nussmeier showed some promise against Arkansas. He has a cannon for an arm as seen on the touchdown pass to Lafayette's own Jack Bech. Once Nussmeier gets more reps in at quarterback and works on his game as a thrower I see the decision-making in the pocket improving.

Arkansas Quarterback KJ Jefferson completed 18 of his 25 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown. He also added 41 yards on the ground running the ball. Arkansas running back Dominique Johnson had 15 carries for 40 yards. While LSU's Tyrion Davis-Price carried the ball 28 times with 106 yards on the ground. This football game was dominated by each team's respective field goal kickers, as each team only scored one touchdown. LSU's Cade York was 2 for 2 on the day, while Arkansas' Cam Little was 3 for 3.

This LSU football season has been utterly abysmal. As a fan of the Tigers, I'm just ready for it to be over. I will say that I am excited to watch Nussmeier continue to play, but that is the only bright spot for me with the Tigers. Arkansas takes home the golden boot in sloppy fashion; however, a win is a win. LSU's next game is November 20th against UL Monroe.


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