Getting around campus, if you're a college student that usually means a comfortable pair of shoes and maybe an umbrella in case it rains. For the most part students who attend college in Louisiana can get by without having a car on campus.

However,there are times when you need better transportation than your two feet. LSU is now offering students the opportunity to rent a vehicle by the day or by the hour.

The new service is called Zipcar and according to Jeff Campbell, LSU’s Sr. Director of Parking and Transportation Services this service could be a lifesaver for many students on campus without a vehicle. The program allows students to go online and sign up for the service. There is an annual membership fee. Then using the website or the available app a student can arrange to rent a Zipcar.

We were looking at trying to bring a car sharing program to the campus to try to assist a lot of our international students that may come here without means of getting around campus.

Campbell's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. He went on to say that Zipcar pays for the gas and insurance. That's another way the service can benefit students without a car on campus.

I know it helps with our green initiatives on campus. Our facility services group was pretty excited about it. It just goes toward helping us on our green initiatives.

The hope is that in addition to providing transportation for students around LSU and Baton Rouge that the Zipcar program can actually reduce the number of vehicles on campus. I think many parents might consider this an option over paying higher insurance rates and parking fees for a vehicle that is only driven by their student a few times a week.