There is a rift between LSU President F. King Alexander and the LSU Faculty Senate. That rift grew bigger with the announcement that the faculty organization had voted to censure the president over the firing of a tenured professor. Members of the faculty organization feel the dismissal was not handled in the right way.

The disagreement is in association with the firing of Theresa Buchanan, an early childhood education professor. Ms Buchanan was tenured in her position.  LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope says his group is very disappointed in the way President Alexander handled the situation.

We’re hoping that the LSU administration will take this to heart and change its approach and its attitude. This case has been mishandled and we need to do better in the future.

In Cope's comments to the Louisiana Radio Network he went on to explain that the question Faculty Senate is trying to clarify is not the reason Buchanan was fired but the process which led to her dismissal.

There has been an accusation of a violation of federal law but there has been no proper legal process to determine that. In the absence of such a process, we are left puzzled as to why such a dramatic punishment was inflicted.

When asked about the decision to censure President Alexander Cope explained that the censure was a signal that in the opinion of the academic community the president was not providing the kind of leadership that is needed at LSU.

It’s also a signal to the board of supervisors that it needs to develop some kind of remedial program to get the LSU system back on track so it can really function as a great university.