At my house it is always black eyed peas, cabbage, and cornbread. That might be a southern thing, but it's done me well for many years. Black eyed peas for luck, greens for money. I'm going to eat lots of cabbage and kale in the new year!

Other countries have their 'Eat Yourself to Prosperity' foods, and I commend them for that, but I can't imagine starting off 2017 without my black eyed peas and cole slaw.

Check out lucky foods from around the world below, from, and let us know if some of these are lucky for you too!


  • Noodles - in Asian countries long noodles equal a long life
  • Pork - Austria, Cuba and Spain think that because swine push their snouts forward it signifies moving ahead, and prosperity
  • Lentils - in Italy these are good luck because they plump up when cooked, which symbolizes growing wealth
  • Fish - North America, Asia, and Europe think fish swimming means moving forward, and progress
  • Greens - USA  -symbolizes economic wealth. In Denmark, stewed kale is served with sugar and cinnamon, and in Germany the top choice is sauerkraut
  • Black Eyed Peas - Southern United States - shaped like coins, which means prosperity
  • Round Cakes and Bread - in Greece, Mexico and Denmark some of the ring shaped treats contain a hidden coin, for good luck
  • Grapes - in Spain 12 grapes are eaten at midnight on New Year's Eve. One grape for each stroke of the clock.
  • Leftovers on a plate - it is customary in Germany and the Philippines to leave a little bit of food on your plate past midnight, which will guarantee a stocked pantry in the New Year





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