Luke Bryan served as the red carpet correspondent for ‘Ellen’ at the 2011 CMA Awards on Wednesday night (Nov. 9), and he worked it. With his charming personality and his terrific sense of humor, Bryan was perfect for the gig. Bryan and Ellen DeGeneres (via satellite) had fun with their interviews. Normally, red carpets are serious and somewhat stale affairs, but this duo asked silly questions and lightened the mood.

First up was Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Since they are country singers, DeGeneres asked how many countries they can name, to which Hill said, “Oh hell no!” When asked to spell Uzbekistan, the always sharp-witted McGraw quipped, “I am from Louisiana and I can’t even spell Louisiana.” Hill and Bryan then engaged in a staring contest, to see who blinked first between them. Bryan joked, “I got lost in Faith Hill’s eyes. Give me a minute.”

He then offered the couple some popcorn, like a hospitable host. McGraw said, “I know where Luke’s hands have been. I’ve seen him on tour!”

Bryan also demonstrated his dedication to his role as red carpet correspondent, showing off his “Ellen” branded underwear, which bore the logo on the waistline! He further quipped, “I’ve got Tim McGraw underwear and his cologne.” McGraw said that Bryan stole the underwear out of his dressing room, to which Bryan retorted, “They are a little tight in the front.” Score one for Luke Bryan!

Bryan sang ‘We Are the World’ with Rascal Flatts and Lionel Richie, and tried to have a “wow” dialogue with Reba McEntire, simply by saying “wow” back and forth to one another repeatedly. He got distracted — quickly — by Reba’s twins! “I looked Reba’s boobs when I said ‘Wow,’” he joked.

Watch Luke Bryan as 2011 CMA Awards Red Carpet Correspondent for ‘Ellen’

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