Motorists who travel through the City of Scott will need to make some alternate route choices if they normally travel through the intersection of Apollo Road and Old Spanish Trail. That intersection has been closed by the city so that a new intersection can be constructed.

That is going to me drivers will need to choose an alternate route to get through the city or to their destination in the city.  Some of the suggested North/South routes through town include a Jenkins Road to Tabb Road route that will allow motorists to travel from Cameron Street (U.S. Highway 90) to Landry Road which becomes Dulles Drive in the city of Lafayette.

Another route that will take motorists from North to South who need to get from Old Spanish Trail to Dulles Drive is one that follows L.Provost Road. Following a couple of 90-degree corners, L.Provost becomes JB Road. That roadway can be driven all the way to Dulles. Motorists might also choose Westgate Road as a north/south thoroughfare to get from Dulles Drove to Cameron Street.

As far as east/west travel through the city your best bets are going to be Cameron Street and the Dulles Drive/Landry Road combination. By the way, the bridge on Fenetre Road is still out so that east/west artery is out of play through at least January.

Speaking of January that is when city officials believe the new intersection at Old Spanish Trail and Apollo Road will be completed. Until then we invite you to leave for your destination a little earlier and expect heavier than normal amounts of traffic on some of the roadways we’ve mentioned. It’s not all bad, a little more time in the car means you get to spend a little more time with us on the radio. A small price to pay for a new intersection in three months.



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