This viral TikTok video is straight 2020 goals.

It's been a rough year, to say the least, but one TikTok user is singlehandedly spreading hopeful light in our darkest times. There is no fancy production quality or camera trickery in the clip, just pure joy as a man skateboards while drinking cranberry juice straight out of the bottle to the tune of 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac.

I have watched this video no less than 20 times this morning and my entire mood has been lifted. The rest of the internet shares my sentiment when it comes to the calm happiness that this TikTok angel has bestowed upon the millions who have viewed the viral video—some calling him the hero we needed amid the coronavirus crisis.

I'm sure Fleetwood Mac isn't upset either, as streams have already shot up by 2000%.

The TikTok user @doggface208 has plenty of other great videos on his page and an interesting story on how he joined the video-sharing platform. Even though he's been dubbed everyone's cool skateboarding uncle, his real name is Nathan Apodaca and his channel is loaded with dancing, joy, and feel-good vibes.

Do him a favor and give him a follow. It's the least we can do given the joy that he has provided us in a year that has mostly felt like doom and gloom.

Let me go watch it again and enjoy my day. You should do the same.

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