Trouble has a way of finding you, you don't really need to meet it halfway. Those are some words of advice my Dad would offer to me as a growing child. In the case of this video, the man behind the camera may have learned that lesson the hard way.

In this clip from India, a gentleman appears to be "stalking" a lion as it makes its way down a rural road. I suppose lions are to India as alligators are to Louisiana. It is probably better that you find them and they do not find you.

The clip shows the gentleman following the lion for a short distance. The lion seems to be unfazed by it all. Then it seems to be a case of enough is enough and the lion turns to face the gentleman in the car.

While the lion's response might seem minor compared to what could have happened the quick and hasty response by the camera man seems, to sum up, the basic concept of any nature video. That concept, don't tease things that can eat you.


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