**Caution this video has censored NSFW language***

What unfolds in this video is nature at its finest. The man with the broom is trying to protect his home. The raccoon in this video is trying to protect her family. The problem is that only one of them can really win.

It appears as though a mother raccoon found the plastic bin on the New Jersey homeowner's porch to be a perfect place to have her babies. The homeowner obviously felt differently and was using the broom to persuade mom and the kids to leave.

There is a natural instinct among mothers to protect their young. Even when protecting their young means putting their own lives in danger. I have never seen this side of a raccoon. This mother raccoon meant business.

The funniest part of the video is when you see the broken end of the broom go flying across the porch. I am guessing mother raccoon was the ultimate winner.  Nature is amazing. In this case it's kind of scary and really kind of funny. By the way, no raccoons or homeowners were actually injured in this video.