No defense in college basketball could stop him and now there appears to be no more verbiage in LSU policy that will stop the erection of a statue to honor Pete Maravich.

"Pistol Pete" was a phenomenon in college basketball. He still holds the record as college basketballs all time leading scorer. He was responsible for 3,667 points, and he did it without a three point shot.

While there appears to have been no real opposition to a statue honoring Maravich being erected on the campus at LSU there was a stumbling block. That stumbling block had to do with the an LSU policy of not honoring anyone with a statue on campus that did not graduate from LSU. Maravich's academic career fell just short of graduation.

The LSU Board of Supervisors amended the verbiage in the policy that cleared the way for LSU to honor one of their most popular ambassadors. The design for the Maravich statue will be announced within the coming months and is expected to be placed next to the building that carries his name.

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