The incident happened Thursday night in New Orleans near the corner of Napoleon and St. Charles. The New Orleans Police reported the skirmish as a brief scuffle between members of the G.W.Carver marching band and revelers along the parade route.

According to reports, no arrests were made and no injuries were reported. As you can see, if you turn your head sideways, the NOPD officers were on hand in a very timely manner and order was quickly restored.

As for what started the fight, according to an article in the New Orleans Advocate, the principal of G.W.Carver stated that members of the crowd walked into the band and began to verbally and physically assault the marchers.

School authorities announced that as a result of the incident the band will now march with more security and more chaperones in place. It is believed that this altercation took place during the Muses Parade in New Orleans on Thursday, February 9th.

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