Most people who aren't from here think that Mardi Gras is only celebrated in New Orleans. Oh, how wrong they are. Mardi Gras is celebrated all over our great state, and in completely different ways. recently had an article about all of the fun and diverse Mardi Gras celebrations we have across the state. These include  the Tee - Mamou Iota Mardi Gras Folklife Festival, the awesome chicken runs in rural Louisiana, and of course, the huge celebrations in Lafayette and New Orleans. I mean, we even have a Mardi Gras parade for dogs!

I love the fact that we have an entire festival here in Lafayette dedicated to having a good time on Mardi Gras weekend though Fat Tuesday, called Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette. It's family friendly too, which is a bonus! New Orleans, or Metairie, has their own family friendly event, called Family Gras, which is quite different than the celebrations in the French Quarter.

The traditional 'Courir de Mardi Gras' in different areas say everything about Mardi Gras traditions in the country here in Louisiana, and they even have their own unique costumes and masks, which are very different than the city glitter and gold.

It is a very diverse holiday, and we love the differences and sameness across Louisiana for Mardi Gras! Throw me something, Mister! Check out the entire article, and see if our Texas cousins got it right, and be sure to let us know where you celebrate Mardi Gras!!

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