He didn't hesitate.

Watch as a few armed robbers walk into a gas station in Yuma, Az with guns pointed in an attempt to rob the establishment.

What they did not know was that a former U.S. Marine was in the store as they entered and when one of them pointed their gun at him, he quickly jumped into action.

I assume after many hours of training, this man knew how to disarm someone and when this person pointed their weapon at him, his training kicked in.

You can see the former Marine disarm the would-be robber and contain him while others slip away.

Yuma County Sheriff's

Now, deputies are looking for those who got away, but authorities in Yuma say that the person detained by the Marine was a juvenile.

The case remains under investigation and authorities report that no one was injured in this scary incident.

When deputies asked the man who once served the U.S. Marine Corps how he was able to react so quickly and take control of the situation, he told them, “The Marine Corps taught me not to [mess] around.”


Here's the video of the former Marine disarming a would-be robber from the gas station in Yuma, Az.

Disclaimer, if ever you're in this type of situation and not properly trained to disarm an individual, do NOT attempt what you're about to witness below.

Now that the video is making its way around the internet, so many reacting to what this Marine did.

So many are thanking him, while others say they'd like to reward him for his efforts and bravery.



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