As we all look to make some sort of sense from a truly senseless situation, we all want to know more about the victims involved in the Grand 16 Theater shooting. One of those victims, 21-year-old Mayci Breaux of Lafayette lost her life in that theater. Here's 3 things, if you didn't know her already, that you should know about Mayci. has put together a fantastic list of things to know about Mayci. They have a bunch more great information about her, so make sure you click over to and check it out.

1. She’s Been Called ‘an Amazing Young Woman’

Mayci was born Franklin, Louisiana but was living in Lafayette at the time if the tragedy. She was a student at LSUE. She was employed at Coco Eros, a woman's clothing store. She had a brother and sister.

2. She Was Voted ‘Most Beautiful’ in Her High School Graduating Class

Mayci was also a finalist in the Louisiana Sugar Cane beauty competition in 2014. She was also co-captain of the school’s cheer-leading team her last two years of school

3. She Was a Pro-Life Activist

It's reported Mayci was pro-life activist, and even marched on Washington D.C. as part of rally in March 11.