We all want to be healthy, right? We try to replace chips with fruit and squeeze in an extra 30 minutes after work on the treadmill. Well, not all of us do this so we at least try to take a vitamin a day. However, it is not good to go into vitamin overload. Too much of a good thing can certainly lead to a bad thing.

According to Women's Health Magazine, there are guidelines to take so we do not overdo our vitamin intake. Vitamins and minerals are now being added into food, so if your already eating healthy then there actually is no reason to take a daily vitamin. "Quite a few people who take a multivitamin and eat a healthy diet are getting twice what they need," says Diane Birt, PhD.

5 vitamins people often get too much of:

1.) Calcium- too much calcium can lead to kidney stones, calcium deposits in the arteries, and weakened bones... didn't think of that, huh? Calcium overload prevents our bones from absorbing proper nutrients. Stick to your regular glass or two of milk.
2.) Iron- high levels of iron can lead to heart disease. Iron is found in red meats, spinach and beans. As long as your eating a healthy diet with dark leafy greens, you will be fine.
3.) Vitamin A- this one is critical. Too much of Vitamin A can lead to birth defects, liver problems and decreased bone density. Just stick to a diet with eggs, milk, carrots and peppers... no vitamin is necessary.
4.) Beta-Carotene- if you smoke, stay away from this vitamin! The effect is reversed when mixed with cigarette smoke. The mineral changes from an antioxidant that prevents cancer to a dangerous pro-oxidant that increases your risk of lung cancer. Crazy!
5.) Zinc- I'm warning you, stay away from too much zinc! An overdose of zinc can lead to an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle spasms. That sounds absolutely horrible.

All in all, just eat healthy and try to get some physical activity going in your routine. Vitamins are good, but clearly we can't overdo it.