You have probably been to enough wedding receptions to understand what type of food offerings are typically available, but this is a new concept that might actually hit in South Louisiana.

You may have heard of couples getting married at McDonald's, but now McDonald's is actually coming to your wedding. When we heard that Mcdonald's was rolling out a catering option for wedding receptions the first thing that came to mind was 1992's not-so-infamous McNugget Wedding.

Chances are you haven't heard of this zany McWedding, but thanks to YouTube you can RSVP by pressing play below.

Maybe we are alone on that one, but surely, you have seen how Mcdonald's has managed to find its way onto tables at celebrations, most recently this NCAA celebration at the White House.

Why is Louisiana Built for This?

One thing about South Louisiana weddings is that the reception always has an after-party that goes until, and sometimes even after, the sun rises. You know the one, where the ceremony takes place at the Crowley Opera House but the real party doesn't start until you walk across the street to Zeus where a night filled with cutting up with your friends awaits.

Imagine tearing it up to some Lil Boosie and all of a sudden, a hundred ‘hot and spicys’ appear out of thin air.  Well, for $235 your happy meal dreams can come true.  This is something we could see coming to the US soon and personally, I think it should start here in Louisiana asap.

The best weddings often involve receptions where you get the best of both worlds. You get to sit down and enjoy a filet mignon with all the good sides, eat a slice or two of cake, and then sweat it all out on the dance floor. But then hours later a secret ice chest of Judice Inn hamburgers is brought out and you immediately get a second wind that has you 'Cupid Shufflin' until your heart's content.

Judice Inn, Facebook
Judice Inn, Facebook

McDonald's Catering Details

Let's be honest, there isn’t anything Louisiana does better and more often than centering an entire event around food, family, and good vibes.

With how expensive groceries are right now this McDonald’s catering option could be the move this year for Thanksgiving—$ 235 for 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 packs of four-piece chicken nuggets.  For now, you may have to plan any celebrations you want to be catered by McDonald’s in Indonesia because that’s where this is being officially rolled out.

Kelsey Burkhalter Golden/ Facebook
Kelsey Burkhalter Golden/ Facebook

Chicken Nugget Challege

If you want a visual of what 400 chicken nuggets look like here is Jrizzy Jeremy who attempted the chicken nugget challenge on YouTube.


Still No Ice Cream

The only downside I see is that they aren’t offering McFlurries because their machine is still broken. *Sigh*

Are You 'Lovin' It?

The upside is that those of you with picky kids won’t have to worry about them tugging on your leg complaining they are hungry while you are busting a move. Happy Meals save the day once again.

Would you like to see this rollout come to Louisiana? Drop a comment letting us know what your thoughts are.

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