As Louisiana sits and sweats in another summer without a Buc-ee's travel store in our state we can only imagine, "what if". Sure, there's a Buc-ee's that's being built on I-10 right down the road from Louisiana. And eventually, there is supposed to be a Buc-ee's built near Ruston but that's not quenching our desires for Beaver Nuggets and barbequed brisket, now is it?


Many Louisiana residents have wondered out loud if we have done something to discourage "The Beaver" from building in The Boot and perhaps we have. Maybe it was an underwhelming tax package or one too many Louisiana politicians with their hands out under the table we will never know, but we do know there is now a Buc-ee's in Mexico.

Well, it's kind of a Buc-ee's. You tell me if you can spot any differences between the Mexican version and the Texas version.

As you might imagine there is enough "similarity" between Buc-ee's original and BUK-II's South of the Border imposter. The Mexican version of the popular travel store is located about 10 minutes south of the Los Indios Texas International Bridge. That's the bridge you'd take if you were wanting to travel into Matamoros Mexico.

The proprietors of the Mexican Buk-II's say they plan to sell groceries, fruits, and veggies, and they will likely sell beer too. There was no mention of a wall of jerky or tons of candy or "gopher nuggets" since they claim their mascot which looks similar to the Buc-ee's Beaver is actually a gopher. 


Now when it comes to filing lawsuits to protect their trademarks the Buc-ee's legal team might be second to only Disney in the aggressive way they defend what's theirs. Buc-ee's has sued other convenience store chains for similar trademarks, they've filed suit against a faux Buc-ee's and they even quashed a West Texas "tiniest Buc-ee's" too.

So confidence is high that there will be litigation of some kind filed against BUK- II's. I think their chances are pretty good at winning and if they lose? Well, then we can just go sit down and have lunch at a Mexican Guataburger.

I wonder who they borrowed that idea from.

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