We see all the Hollywood types with them, you know the brand name purses, shoes and chia-pets. We also see a lot of people who stand in line for free cheese toting the same bag. How can that be? Well maybe it's a counterfeit. How do you know what products are real and what products aren't?

Luxury items from big-name brands are ultra-popular holiday gifts, but with so many impostors out there, it's extra important to be sure you're buying the real thing. Shopping online places greater distance between you and your purchase (which allows serious room for scams), but these days it's even tricky to spot a counterfeit item in person.

We've found a list of the most counterfeited brands of the season, read more to make sure you get the real deal.

(via The most counterfeited brands of the season—and how to avoid getting ripped off - Fashion + Beauty on Shine.)