When you're the starting quarterback for the LSU Tigers your margin of error is slim. The fans will give you one, maybe two, imperfect plays before all of the sudden you need to be replaced. The only position on the team that's under more scrutiny is the job of head coach. Les Miles knows about the hometown pressure, now he's got to take his young quarterback into legitimate hostile territory when LSU travels to Auburn on Saturday. 

As for Etling, Coach Miles had this to say as he addressed the media yesterday.

I think Danny is going to be a mature guy.He's going to understand what he's supposed to do. Best thing to do for the road games is to connect with your teammates, connect with your coaches, make sure you are communicating with your partners, your teammates and make sure you are doing your job.

Miles comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Danny Etling also addressed the media and the obvious elephant in the room. Playing on the road at Auburn. Even if you're a seasoned and experienced team a trip to the "loveliest village on the plains". is never an easy one.

Obviously it's going to be a tough to place to play. It deserves the respect that it's earned and it's something we will have to take seriously. I think it's something hopefully we can handle. It shouldn't be the deciding factor whether we win or lose.

The last time LSU traveled to Auburn it was the wrong Tigers that won the game by a score of 41-7. The kickoff for the LSU/Auburn game is set for 5 PM and will be televised nationally on ESPN.