One of the most popular features on the Bruce & Jude morning show here at 97.3 The Dawg is "What Were They Smokin'". It's where we highlight stupid criminals and the dumb things people do to get their names in the paper.

Often times, we get a wonderful nugget out of the great state of Florida. There are so many weirdos in the Sunshine State that you'll hear us begin segments by introducing you to a "Florida Man".

Even Floridians recognize how many kooks they have living amongst them.

Exhibit A: The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp minor league baseball team will be celebrating "Florida Man Night" on July 26.

That's right, they're celebrating the weird trouble Floridians find themselves in by having a night filled with stupid fun at the old ballpark.

The minor league affiliate of the Miami Marlins has been tight-lipped about the promotion. However, they did promise Jacksonville will break a weird Florida law in every single inning.

"There will be a lawyer in the house," the team said on Twitter.

This sounds so good, I might even take a road trip to Jacksonville for this sure-to-be-memorable night.


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