So, ever since I got the new double CD from Miranda Lambert "The Weight Of These Wings", I've only been listening to CD 2. This morning I started listening to disc 1, and something caught my ear in the first song. In the song "Runnin' Just In Case", Miranda name drops Lafayette!

In this song, co-written with Gwen Sebastian, she sings the lines "I'm lookin' for a lighter, I already bought the cigarettes. Guess I picked me up a habit on my way out of Lafayette".

At first, I thought maybe she's talking about Lafayette, Indiana. But no, because later in the song she sings "What I lost in Louisiana, I found back in Alabama".

CountryLyrics via YouTube
CountryLyrics via YouTube

Pretty cool right?

Now I want to know what went down in Lafayette to cause her to write a song about it.

I'll see what I can find out. Until then, check out the song below.

By the way, if you haven't picked up "The Weight Of These Wings" yet, you really should, it's fantastic. It's got a gritty, slow burning kinda vibe to it.

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