Cara, the missing 12-foot python from the Mall of Louisiana, officially has her own voice.

We've heard a lot about the missing Burmese python who escaped from her habitat earlier this week at the Blue Zoo Aquarium inside of the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.

Cara has made headlines, both near and far, as crews continue to search for her throughout the mall.

Cara joined Twitter shortly after going missing under the handle @PythonCara and her message is simple.

Just let me shop and no one gets hurt.

For what it's worth, the Blue Zoo Aquarium has said that Cara is harmless and is known to play well with anyone handling her—especially the young kids who are excited to see her when they visit the aquarium.

But just because she's nice doesn't mean she's not sassy and full of personality. How many snakes do you know who can quote Cardi B?

She knows the search is on, and clearly, she's proud of her figure.

Just like her tagline says, maybe a girl just wants to shop?

As multiple media outlets report on the search, Cara is steadily offering words of wisdom via her Twitter account.

Her puns are definitely A-1.

It's been over 24 hours since authorities realized Cara was missing, and she's not making it easy to track her down.

Although, she does miss her "friends."

She also isn't shy about vibing with cute guys that interact with her account.

As crews continue to search, Cara is somehow keeping a safe distance and maintaining her freedom.

And for anyone wondering, Cara is definitely #TeamBritney

While search efforts continue for Cara, part of me hopes she can safely keep her distance and keep us entertained for a little bit longer via Twitter. Even if she does end up back at the Blue Zoo Aquarium, we hope she can continue to deliver daily messages on social media.

Follow Cara here and we'll keep you updated with the latest from everyone's favorite viral python.

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