It was a violent Thursday night in Lafayette after two separate incidents involving gunfire sent three teenagers to the hospital.

According to KPEL News, the first of two separate Thursday night shootings involved 2-3 vehicles exchanging gunfire in traffic on Surrey street around 5 p.m.

A 16-year-old female who was not involved in the gunfire ended up injured after she was struck by bullet fragments while her vehicle was stopped in the drive-time traffic. She is believed to be in good condition after being treated at a local hospital.

Later that evening, more gunfire erupted in Moore Park in a different area of Lafayette off of Couret Drive. Two female teenagers suffered non-life-threatening injuries during the shooting as residents and parents nearby described the chaotic scene as it unfolded on social media.

One mother described the scene at her son's soccer tryouts.

My 10 year old son was @ soccer tryouts when this happened and said they suddenly heard 20+ shots out of nowhere, followed by dozens of cars flying down the side street to flee. Absolutely insane.

Another local business owner posted about his son having to be carried to safety by his football coach after large groups of people began running in fear. Another coach said he heard what "sounded like over 100 gunshots" as he reacted to get his kids to safety.

Lafayette Police are investigating both incidents and believe the two are connected and possibly involve the same groups of people. LPD also has reason to believe that the large group of teens originally gathered earlier in the day for 'Senior Skip Day.'

While there are no specific high schools named, the gathering is said to have begun in Heymann Park early on Thursday.

If there is any silver lining between these violent events it is that all three teens injured in both shootings have been treated and are in good condition and that more people weren't hurt or killed.

The investigation is still ongoing and if anyone has any information regarding either incident, please contact the Lafayette Police Department or Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.

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