One of the troubles with waking up in the wee small  hours of the morning is maintaining your personal grooming for the rest of the day. Taking a shower at 1am not only wakes up the entire house but if you care at all about the way you look, you then have to blow dry and style your hair. Not me, I don't worry about the blow drying and hairstyle issue at all, Why? Because I am a slob.

You on the other hand might need to look nice for a big meeting, presentation or mug shot. That's where this really inventive new product can have you looking shower fresh with out all that drying time. It's called Morning Head and it was invented by an engineer or someone with a really odd sense of humor.

Basically it's a shower cap with a super absorbent material on the inside. You wet the inside of the shower cap, rub the moisture on your hair and then brush and style quickly. I guess it's like the stylist do with the spray bottle in the hair salons.  Just think if they made body suits out of this stuff we could bathe in the car or on an airplane.

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