After receiving backlash over a viral video that was meant to blast her baby daddy for bringing McDonald's to their son (and not her other three kids) this mother is responding to her haters.

TikTok user ElizMcGlaston claims to be the mother we hear ranting in the viral video that has been circulating on social media. Her voice is definitely similar to the one that can be heard chastising the man in the video for bringing his little boy McDonald's.

This issue had less to do with the fact that the father brought McDonald's for his son, but more so with the fact that he didn't bring enough McDonald's for the woman's other three children—regardless of the fact that they had different fathers.

There were plenty of hot takes on this debate, and the majority were in favor of the father. Now, the mother is giving her side of the story in a new video that shares a few new details about the situation.

So given the fact that the son that she shares with the man is the youngest of her four children and that they were once together as a couple, does it change your perception of the situation at all? She claims that her biggest issue was that the kids are old enough to remember him being around and that he used to bring McDonald's to all of them at one point.

Now, he only brings McDonald's to his son for lunch, but not her other three kids who were used to being treated with Happy Meals too.

Does this change your opinion on the original video or the overall situation in any way?


Based on responses to her new video, a lot of folks haven't changed their mind.


Regardless, this debate (and the memes) rages on as social media seemingly can't get enough of this situation that continues to be a hot topic online.

If any one thing is for sure it's that McDonald's is definitely winning this week.

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