To be more accurate, the proposal to discuss a proposal about opposing the closing of four rec centers in Lafayette failed. Last night members of the Lafayette City Council came prepared to discuss a proposal that would oppose a plan by Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory to close those rec centers. However, only one member of the Lafayette Parish Council was willing to support the discussion.

That failure to second the motion to introduce the ordinance by members of the Parish Council effectively killed the proposal. Since the item was not introduced there was no public discussion. That failure to introduce lead to frequent outbursts during the remainder of the meeting.

Mayor-President Guillory has proposed closing the four rec centers, mainly on Lafayette's north side as a budgetary item. There is speculation that the city-parish budget could experience a shortfall of some $28 million this year. Part of Guillory's budget-cutting plan includes the shuttering of the rec centers and cutting 67 jobs.

There is good news for those that are against the closure of the rec centers. Guillory has suggested that a long-term proposal would be introduced later this week that will allow the rec centers to open and still cut costs.


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Historic Lafayette Photos You've Probably Never Seen





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