Meetings are planned for today involving members of the Lafayette City-Parish Council. Those meetings have been specifically called for members of those councils to consider an ordinance proposed by Lafayette City Council Chair Patrick Lewis and Lafayette Parish Councilman Abraham Rubin Jr. That ordinance would seek to block Mayor-President Josh Guillory's plans to close four recreation centers in Lafayette.

The meetings planned for today are, in government terms, to review budget matters. The budget is the reason that Guillory has suggested the closing of the rec centers and the layoffs of some 37 employees.

The two architects of the ordinance, Lewis, and Rubin say they understand the budget concerns but they feel the councils were not given enough time and enough opportunity to review the issue and perhaps make other choices to remedy the budgetary constraints.

The four recreation centers that have been designated for closure are Domingue Recreation Center at 901 Mudd Ave., Heymann Park Recreation Center at 1500 Orange St., J. Carlton James Activity Center at 710 Aster Drive and George Bowles Activity Center at 120 Dawn St.

Many citizens have spoken in support of keeping the rec centers open while Mayor-President Guillory says the centers were targeted for closure because of low usage by the community.


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