Just before 1 pm this afternoon a wall will be constructed in Lafayette near City Hall. That 1 pm time just happens to coincide with the scheduled meeting of the Lafayette Consolidated Government budget meeting. That wall will not be made of bricks and mortar, it will be built of something much stronger, more durable, and perhaps less flexible. That wall will be made up of local women.

The "Wall of Women" as it's being described is made up of a group of mostly white women who are coming to the aid and offering support for those who will be affected by the closure of four recreational centers on Lafayette's north side. Those closures sparked an outcry from Lafayette's Black community and the 'Wall of Women" are now lending their voices and physical actions as a show of solidarity.

The women will wear blue shirts. If you'd like to participate all you'll need to do is show up at the employee parking lot behind City Hall between 12:30 and 1 this afternoon. You are reminded to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing within the wall. That's why participants will be encouraged to bring a six-foot section of ribbon. This way safe spacing can be achieved while maintaining a show of unity for the cause.

According to social media posts about the event, the group feels that the issues surrounding the closure of the rec centers are not about one race or another. It's about an action that affects the entire community. Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory announced the closure of those four rec centers weeks ago suggesting that budget constraints were the reason.


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