Surely you've noticed cars and trucks around Acadiana where the front of the vehicle is raised high and the rear end is dropped low. It's called the "Carolina Squat" and this week, the "Unlawful Tilted Ordinance" failed to even be voted on by the Lafayette Council.

Youngsville Police Department
Youngsville Police Department

Are Squatted Trucks Illegal In Louisiana?

This past Tuesday (05/17/22) the Lafayette Parish Council was set to vote on a new ordinance that would ban tilted cars and trucks, known as "Carolina Squat" vehicles.

However, according to KLFY "the parish council’s votes would have passed the ordinance, but the city council vote blocked the ban."

Parish Councilman Abraham “AB” Rubin, Jr. was not in support of the ban being passed and was ok with it failing.

According to KLFY, Councilman Rubin feels that people should be able to express themselves as they see fit. If this is how they want to spend their time and money, Rubin sees no reason to stand in the way of that.

As far the issue of safety when it comes to squatted cars and trucks, Councilman Rubin asked, "Where is the data that shows that it causes accidents in the community?"

In 2021, North Carolina and South Carolina banned squatted trucks and cars. Earlier this year, Virginia outlawed them as well due to a fatal crash involving a squatted truck.

However, as of now, it doesn't seem that squatted trucks or cars have been involved in any serious or fatal crashes in Lafayette or Acadiana.

YouTube Via JMfilmz
YouTube Via JMfilmz

Also on the agenda, this past Tuesday was an ordinance to ban extended rims "if they stick out more than four inches from the tire" as reported by KLFY.

That ordinance reportedly never made it to the council floor for a vote and has been indefinitely deferred.


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