How are you this morning? I am shaken up too. I know there are going to be some incredible stories of bravery and heroism that will come from this senseless tragedy.  I also know there are going to be questions. A lot of questions. Many of those questions we as adults will be able to listen to radio news, watch TV, or read online and get answers. What about our kids?

Many of our little ones will only know that something bad happening at the  movie theater. They might not understand. They might have questions. They might not even know what to ask. All they know is they are frightened and they aren't sure how to feel safe. This is where parents, older siblings, caregivers, and grown-up friends of the family can make all of the difference.

The late Fred Rogers offers some incredibly wise advice in this piece that was produced to help parents help children understand scary things that happen in our world.  I know I have found this advice to be quite useful in raising my own children. I hope you can find some value in these words as well.


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