A very strong storm system centered over the Great Plains of the United States has already spawned severe thunderstorms and tornadoes across that part of the country. This same system is expected to be a major player in your forecast for today.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman Oklahoma has placed much of the state of Louisiana in the slight risk category for potential severe storms and tornadoes today. Only extreme southeast Louisiana is out of the potential storm threat forecast.

The current regional radar scan from the National Weather Service shows that a strong line of storms spawned by this system is progressing eastward out of Texas and into Louisiana.

The Shreveport area will likely have heavy storms for the morning rush hours. The cities of Lafayette and Lake Charles will most likely encounter storms from this system during the day as well.

By Thursday the threat of severe weather across the state is expected to be not as great. However, the SPC is still placing the entire state in the marginal risk category for more strong storms tomorrow.


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