The classic tv sitcom The Munsters is getting a modern makeover. NBC has ordered the pilot re-done by Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller.

The new version will be an hour long, explore how the monster house came about and will be a little darker and less campy than the original half hour program.

Look for the show to make its trial run some time in 2012.

Now, here's the question: Who do you think should play Herman, Lilly, Grandpa, Marilyn and Eddie Munster?

Brad Garrett





For Herman, Bruce and I think it should be Brad Garrett. You know, Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Kellie Pickler





Now for Marilyn Munster, it's a no-brainer. The Oscar folks can just start etching the trophy right now. It's spelled K-E-L-L-I-E P-I-C-K-L-E-R!

The rest of the cast is up to you! Let us know who you think would fit the bill.


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